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What’s In My Bag? | New York, New York 2014

Over the weekend I had a short getaway to the city that never sleeps. I literally feel like I didn’t. I’m a zombie right now. Anyways, instead of showcasing you what I brought with me, I want to show you what I brought back with me from NYC. I got the inspiration to visit the Bite Beauty Lab in SoHo from Katie of The Green Product Junkie. I told myself that I needed to do that and I’m so so happy that I did. I would probably label this the purchase the most fun I’ve had shopping for green beauty products. I got my perfect natural nude and a deeply moisturizing lip treatment. Bite Beauty Custom Lipstick | $36 Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask | $26 What do you think of my purchase? Have you used Bite Beauty lipsticks yet?  

What’s In My Bag? | Las Vegas, Nevada 2014

Hellooo weekend! Today, I embark on a girl’s getaway to the most famous city synonymous to sin – Las Vegas. This city is nothing to play around with when it comes to nightlife. With that said, I’m posting something a little different by showing you what’s in my makeup bag. I’m very classic and simple when it comes to makeup. Here’s a look into what will be keeping me looking naturally fierce. Primer | Suntegrity Tinted Sunscreen in Medium Foundation | The Organic Pharmacy Luminous Antioxidant Foundation 04 Concealer | RMS Beauty “Un” Cover Up  in 33 Blush | Bare Mineral Blush in Dusk Bronzer | Bare Minerals Face Powder in Warmth Setting Powder | The Organic Pharmacy Photo Finish Antioxidant Face Powder Brows | Tarte Cosmetics Amazonian Clay Waterproof Brow Mousse in Medium Brown Mascara | Alima Pure Mascara in Black Eye Liner | Tarte Cosmetics Amazonian Clay Waterproof Liner in Black Eye Shadows | Urban Decay The Naked Palette Lips | Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in Strumpet + Stalker While half of …

What’s In My Bag? | San Francisco, California 2014

If there’s anything that can perk up my life it’s a flight to, well, just about anywhere. This weekend I get the chance to spend some quality time with some very dear family and friends, pig out on delicious SF food, and become a Godmother for the 3rd time. I’ll only be gone for the weekend so I’ll be packing light with some bare necessities. I recently acquired the Tata Harper Winter Moisturizing Collection as an anniversary gift from The Mister. It comes complete with all the products for a basic skincare routine – face wash, serum, lotion, balm, and body oil. And it has enough product to last me for at least a week! Tata Harper Winter Moisturizing Essentials | $75 Pai Comfrey + Calendula Calming Body Cream | $26 Soapwalla Deodorant Cream | $14 Rahua Voluminous Shampoo + Conditioner | $16 What do you think of my travel friendly toiletries? Hope you all have an awesome relaxing weekend!

What’s In My Bag? | Phoenix, Arizona 2014

My first official trip for the new year and I’m off to my home state, Arizona, for the weekend. I’ll be seeing friends in the Phoenix metro area and snowboarding at Sunrise Ski Resort for some quick fun. Yes, people, Arizona gets snow in the northern, mountainous part of the state! In an effort to save myself a $25 checked baggage fee, I’ll be traveling completely carry-on which means I have to keep my liquid toiletries 3.4 ounces and less. So what will I be taking with me this time? My smaller items and sample sachets will be perfect to carry me through the short trip. May Lindstrom Skin The Blue Coccoon | $160 Pai Skincare Comfrey + Calendula Calming Body Cream | $26 Rahua Classic Shampoo + Conditioner | $8.50 ea Saya Rooibos + Aloe Serum | $35 Soapwalla Deodorant Cream | $14 Tata Harper Refreshing Cleanser (sample) Tata Harper Repairative Moisturizer (sample) Yüli Skincare Cell Perfecto PM Serum | $98 Spot any of your favorites?

City Wanderings | Cape Town, South Africa

On the day of Mandela’s passing I couldn’t help but quietly mourn for a man I had never met. His death wasn’t a complete surprise as he had been sick for quite some time. Still, his actions, compassion, and wisdom had made a significant impact across the globe and I was grateful to be alive during his influence. I witnessed first hand his impact when I flew to South Africa during the 2010 FIFA World Cup. This was the first African country to host the World Cup and I knew I just had to be there. When my friend proposed that we attend this lively event I initially thought we’d only visit Johannesburg. However, she had her travel bug set on Cape Town and I’m glad she did. Today, Cape Town is one of my favorite cities! We were only there for a short 3 days and 4 nights stay. Had I known it was going to be as awesome as it is, I would have made different travel arrangements to stay longer. This was …

Snowboarding | Bear Mountain Resort, California

Big Bear Mountain is officially open for the snow season! Hooray! If you live in Southern California then you know how valuable this mountain is to skiers and boarders alike. It’s not as impressive as Mammoth Mountain but an 8 hour drive is just not imaginable at the moment. They currently have only 1 run open with a snow base of only a couple feet. Pathetic, I know.  So as I wait for better conditions and runs to open, I want to reminisce on one of my most memorable snowboarding experiences to date. A few months after my first snowboarding experience, I made a trip back to California to spend some time with friends and family. When I flew into LAX in the evening, some of my friends were already there to swoop me up and we headed directly to Big Bear. The drive was easy but it did start snowing along the windy road. We started seeing electric signs warning us to have chains on. Of course, we didn’t have chains but we were …

3 Simple Reasons to Travel

Everyday I see memes and articles that emphasize the importance of traveling but they pretty much all say the same thing. – Travel the world while you can… – Live a life full of traveling adventure… – There’s a big world out there. Explore. Blah blah blah. We get it. However, yesterday I encountered an article that a friend on Facebook posted titled 3 Reasons to Travel While You’re Young. So I clicked on it, read it, and now I’m here blogging about it. It was that inspirational to me. I read travel articles all the time that tell you what countries to visit, what attractions to see, and what events to attend. They’ll explain to you that it’s cool, it’s fun, it’s indescribable. But what most readers won’t get out of the article are the underlying messages that traveling experiences give you. An article by Mind Openerz tells you in 3 simple sentences on why you should travel, albeit young. 1. Traveling teaches you to live an adventure.  I think of the word adventure …

What’s in my bag? | Australia 2013

I’m only days away from my big trip of the year and I can hardly contain my excitement. Not solely for this vacation but for a new post series that I hope (beg, plead, and wish to the Man up above) gets updated periodically because that means I would be traveling. Thankfully, most of the full size products I use are less than 3 ounces, making them TSA approved and very travel friendly. It might seem like I’m hauling a lot with me but I’ll be gone for 2 full weeks. These skincare items are pretty much essential, don’t you think?! If you’re digging my Dakine Alina 3L bag then make sure you check out their website. And especially don’t forget to check out my Instagram for any updates on my trip! See you all in 2 weeks! 100% Pure Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream | $19 100% Pure Honey & Virgin Coconut Restorative Conditioner | $18 Avène Thermal Spring Water | $9 Australian Scent Balm of Gildead | $42 Coola Suncare Face Mineral SPF 20 Rose Essence …