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City Wanderings | Cape Town, South Africa

On the day of Mandela’s passing I couldn’t help but quietly mourn for a man I had never met. His death wasn’t a complete surprise as he had been sick for quite some time. Still, his actions, compassion, and wisdom had made a significant impact across the globe and I was grateful to be alive during his influence. I witnessed first hand his impact when I flew to South Africa during the 2010 FIFA World Cup. This was the first African country to host the World Cup and I knew I just had to be there. When my friend proposed that we attend this lively event I initially thought we’d only visit Johannesburg. However, she had her travel bug set on Cape Town and I’m glad she did. Today, Cape Town is one of my favorite cities! We were only there for a short 3 days and 4 nights stay. Had I known it was going to be as awesome as it is, I would have made different travel arrangements to stay longer. This was …