Meet Her


What started out as an Instagram account cultivated into a personal blog. 

In early 2013, after some serious consideration, I decided to start sharing my interests into Green Beauty through pictures. I quickly connected with those of the same interest and realized that I wanted to do more for this inspiring, niche community. A month later, the blog was formed. However, I wanted to be a little different – a little more than just beauty products. I wanted to fuse two of my greatest interest in a way that would connect globally. So here I am talking about green beauty from all over the world!

Small-town bred. Worldly dreamer. Ecologically conscious.

An Arizona native with the Southern Californian soul. Currently an American expat in The Southern Hemisphere and loving it! 

Many thanks.

This is not an narcissistic attempt to show you my fortunate life. I simply do this to connect with those that share the same interests as me. So to those of you that find this blog enjoyable, informative, or entertaining – thank you. Truly.


  1. Ate Sha says

    What an exciting and informative venture you have barked on!! I’m so proud of your conviction and pray your strength to continue to educate. Look forward to learning, applying, and sharing my experiences with you, too!

    • This is why I have the best family. I love how we all support each other in every way possible. My cousins are the best! Thank you for the love and support, Ate Sha!

  2. Farrah Rand says

    LOVE IT! Looking forward to reading more and more 🙂

  3. Delia says

    we will always love you,continue to be you anak..

  4. Daniel says

    Well you know you can always re-visit the NC Coast! You can stay in Paul’s Room!!

    • I think you guys need a bigger house so I can have my own room. Lol. Have fun in MB this weekend!

  5. Tesa says

    Hey B-renda! I’ve been meaning to follow your blog and now I am! 😄 I look forward to reading more posts! Super cool that your Yüli (spelling?) review got posted on their blog!

    • Yay! I’m so happy you’re following my blog now! I know, I’m super excited that they liked my review enough to post it on their blog. Thank you for the support! Love you guys!

  6. I love seeing the world through your eye. I hope Kendrick has the same wanderlust spirit as his auntie Brenda.

  7. Keep doing on what you love to do and what is best for you and your beauty and are good at it..I love reading your you anak..

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