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The Slow Comeback

Sixteen months ago I embarked on an adventure overseas with two friends and haven’t looked back. Call it the Eat Pray Love moment of my life but it was a necessary step I needed to take in order to refresh myself. It was time to start a new chapter. I wanted adventure. I wanted freedom. I wanted to live more.

As I traveled through New Zealand and then settled in Australia, my cyber life was put on hold. Blogging took a backseat. My social media posts became few and far between. I was living in the moments, I was creating unforgettable experiences and I was connecting with people. What am I saying? I still am.


[Franz Josef Glacier on the South Island of New Zealand]

Now as I live as an American Expat it hasn’t stopped my green beauty lifestyle. It wasn’t as challenging as I had expected. I have figured out that with a bit of internet research and city exploration you can find clean products just about anywhere you’re travelling. The local chemist, organic grocer and weekend markets have been great for new skincare discoveries!

Australia in particular has really impressed me with their natural lifestyle approach. There are heaps of skincare companies out here! Way more than I had already heard of and I continue to find natural brands with every place I visit around this country.


[Blue Mountains range outside of Sydney]

As I find a bit of routine and normalcy since moving to Melbourne, I think it’s time I start bringing life back into this blog. For months I have been yearning to connect once again with the beautiful souls of this niche community. I hope I haven’t lost all of you!

While I doubt I’ll be posting on a regular schedule, you can always see what I’m up to on my Instagram account or just follow the blog. So, watch this space!










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