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Quarterly Co. | #NDL10 featuring Marie Veronique Organics

Holá, green beauties! I’ll be honest – I’ve been back home for some time now but was fully distracted with the FIFA World Cup. Sorry! Now that we are officially through the second quarter of the year, next month the third Quarterly box will be shipping out. I’ve had 3 months now to test out box #10 and for the first time since joining I actually finished all the products! When I opened the box my eyes lit up because it contained items from clinically-proven brand Marie Veronique Organics. I’ve heard and read so many great reviews and was eager to give these products a try.


We picked a trio of truly special products from Marie Veronique Organics’ Pacific line. They have clinical trials to back up their anti-aginng claims- which is great because those claims are awesome.

MVO Pacific Mist | retail price $40.00DSC_0243

Nicolle from No More Dirty Looks was an early adopter on this one. She pointed out a few months ago that green tea is the first and third ingredient in this hydrating power- house. We love it because it’s super soothing and has a light (not cloying) floral scent that isn’t overpowering. The sea fennel in it helps skin retain moisture as well.

 I don’t normally use a toner in my skincare ritual but I made the exception for this. Every morning and night I would spritz this a few times all over my face, let it sit and dry. The smell was light and refreshing with a formulation that sank easily into my skin. Because of this I have seriously reconsidered adding a toner to my routine.

MVO Pacific Face Oil | retail price $110.00


We love this oil for its lightness. It’s not quite a “dry” oil but its close, and contains kiwi and chia seeds for the cell-membrane-strengthening fatty acids. There are also some lovely oils and MVO’s proprietary blend of essential fatty acids derived from marine plants.

Every morning, I would apply this after my moisturizer but before my tinted sunscreen. I would squeeze out 2-3 drops on my fingertips and massage it into my face.This trial size seemed so tiny but it actually lasted me quite a while with daily morning use. It’s not heavy nor does it clog my pores. And they’re right, it’s not quite a dry oil and sank nicely into my skin. It always gave my face the nicest glow under the sunscreen. It’s clinically proven to reduce wrinkles by 22% which isn’t much compared to the mainstream market but it is when you’re using all natural ingredients. I would definitely purchase this for preventative measures.

MVO Pacific Serum | retail price $140.00

DSC_0247It contains algae-derived peptides and other anti-agers formulated in such a way the nutrients (like reservatrol and ceramides) are bio-available – meaning that yourbody can actually use them. Which you’d think would be a given, but it’s not.

This serum was a great addition to my daily routine. One day I clumsily knocked over the serum and spilled about half of it on my dresser. So I tried my best to enjoy the rest of the serum that I had left. I liked the light formulation as it sank easily into my skin. Initially, there is a tacky feeling on your face but once it sinks in it feels smooth. It helped to boost hydration levels when I applied moisturizer afterwards and never clogged my pores. Would I pay $140 for it? Probably not. It was hard to gauge whether or not it would be worth that much money with it being such a small sample.

The Pacific line contains the most expensive products from the brand ranging anywhere from $50 to $375. Initially I thought they were skimping us on $50 worth of products but after seeing the prices I understood the small size. After this small test of MV Organics, I’m really impressed and am considering trying out the other products from the brand. I really hope that Siobahn and Alexandra continue to give us whole line products in upcoming Quarterly packages. If you’re subscribed to this Quarterly package let me know what your thought are in the comments below.

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