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The Japanese Konjac Sponge | Wild Mint Puff + Giveaway

I used to be a Clarisonic MIA user but after a while I jumped off that wagon. When I went on a greener path, I searched for a more natural alternative. I tried exfoliating masks then moved onto exfoliating granules like this one from One Love Organics. But what I really searching for was a facial tool like Clarisonic to use on a daily basis.

Enter the konjac sponge. This facial puff made out of Japanese konjac fibers is completely natural, safe for daily use, and biodegradable. A few months ago I entered myself in the Japanese Konjac Sponge Instagram giveaway. I was one of several winners. When they reached out to me about my win they graciously gifted me extra sponges for my readers! So continue on to see how you can win a sponge for yourself!

$11.50 per sponge


The sponges are made out of root fibers from the konjac plant which has been used in Japanese, Korean, and Chinese diet for centuries. They have high water retention making the surface always covered in water. So when the sponge is completely wet, there is minimal direct contact with your face and the sponge making it safe for daily use.  In its dry form it’s hard but lightweight like Styrofoam. When wet, it grows slightly (picture below) and the texture softens. There’s no fragrance but they can be colored according to whichever clay(s) are add to the sponge.

These sponges are a pretty no fuss product. All you do is simply soak it in water when you want to use it and let it completely dry before the next use. They are the perfect travel toiletry as they cover 3 steps in 1 – makeup remover, cleanser, and exfoliator. They can also be used by itself or with your favorite cleanser. The company suggests to replace the sponges every 4-6 weeks but I honestly think that you can stretch it out to 8 weeks if you take really great care of them.


 Ingredients: Konjac glucomannan, Japanese peppermint extract powder, blue clay, and blue mica. 

I’ve really been loving this product especially on days that I’m feeling really lazy (which is often). I don’t need to rinse my face afterwards and it always feels smooth, refreshed, and looks clear. It has been the perfect prep tool for my makeup application as well. It gives my primer and foundation a smooth surface to work with.

However, like all beauty tools, this should be kept as clean as possible in order to make it last. The sponge only lasted about 4 weeks of nearly daily use. I wasn’t able to use it everyday because, as suggested, the sponges need to completely dry before next use. The cool San Diego evenings were making it difficult for my sponge to dry completely overnight. Storing it in a humid environment is also a no-no as it will never allow the sponge to dry and makes it susceptible to mold growth. Also, if you have visible traces of makeup or dirt on the sponge try your best to clean it off. Otherwise, mold will begin to grow and that’s the lesson I learned on the 4th week.

Overall, these sponges are a great natural alternative to conventional beauty tools like the Clarisonic. If you are a low maintenance woman like myself then give these a try. It does the basic necessity of cleansing, exfoliates gently, and hasn’t caused a single breakout. So if you’d like to try one of these sponges for yourself then please enter in my giveaway!

The giveaway begins Friday, May 20, 2014 at 8:00PM and will end Saturday, May 31, 2014 at 11:59PM. Simply enter by commenting once below with which sponge you would like and why – cherry blossom, pure white, or green tea. Four winners will be chosen at random.  This is open internationally so best of luck to all the contestants around the world!

Cherry blossom – helps lighten and smooth skin, softer texture
Pure white – suitable for everyone, removes blackheads/oil/dirt
Green tea – reduces inflammation, reduces spots





  1. I would love to try one of these! I’ve heard of them before from a youtuber! They sound wonderful! I’d love the green tea. My 14 year old son is learning Japenese and he’d probably think it’s pretty cool too!

  2. What a great giveaway! I’ve never tried Konjac sponges before, because I use Clarisonic and a Dr. Hauschka sponge. However, I got really interested after reading a good review on Mademoiselle Nature blog and now your review just makes me want them more, heh. I’d pick a Konjac Cherry Blossom, because it sounds like it would be the best match for my dry skin.

  3. linda says

    would love to try the cherry sponge. It says it makes skin lighter, brighter and smoother…I want that! 🙂

  4. These look so wonderful! It would definitely make my life easier in terms of being a busy mom to a crazy boy! And I am starting to use more and more natural products lately that I wouldn’t mind having one of these little gems ! With that being said, I would love that green tea one as anything green tea always seems to soothe my skin when it gets red and blemishy. Thanks for the info Brenda! Love!

  5. Bree says

    I love anything with Green Tea and the fact that it will help with redness and spots is a big plus for me.

  6. The blue sponge looks magical! I love Konjac sponges, they’re so gentle and clean so well, and just seeing the “pudding” texture makes me so happy, haha! I’d love the green tea one for antioxidants and when those pesky spots appear! xx

  7. caprinic says

    What a great review of an awesome natural product! I bought my first green clay Konjac sponge last year and it lasted me 3 months (I live in Sweden!) and I also gave them away as Xmas presents to my boyfriend’s mum and his two sisters who after trying it absolutely loved it, all three of them! They were a bit scepticalnat first as they hadn’t heard of it but once they tested they all emailed me saying how wonderful it was- quite funny! The cherry blossom one sounds really lovely, haven’t heard of that one before. Thanks for a great write up! Xx

  8. caprinic says

    My goodness, this is my third attempt at trying to post a comment so I hope this goes through! Great review of a wonderful natural product. Got my first green clay Konjac sponge last year and it lasted me 3 months (I live in Sweden, no problem with humidity here!) and loved how it left my skin feeling smooth, hydrated and clean. I also gave some as Xmas pressies to my boyfriend’s mum and his sisters who all loved it once they gave in to trying (took them a while, don’t think they understood how good it was!). The green tea one sounds perfect for someone who suffers from inflammations now and then. xx

  9. Interesting product! I would love the white one that removes blackhead and dirt. Because I hope this sponge can smooths my skin texture. Thank you for sharing!

  10. I would love to try the cherry blossom! I love Konjac Sponges and I’m always up to try new ones! ♥ great review ♥

  11. Michele says

    The green tea one looks lovely! But I’d be happy with any of them. So interested in trying one.

  12. The wild peppermint puff because mint just opens up and cleans out the pores so beautifully leaving you feel nice and clean.

  13. I’ve been sitting on the fence over purchasing a Clarisonic for a couple of years now (such a large investment!) but now I’m glad I have with all the great things I’ve heard about these konjac sponges. I believe the pure white sponge would be a great place for me to start!

  14. Janine B says

    Hello! I would love the Cherry Blossom Konjac Sponge because I have some age spots that are creeping in as I get older and would like to lighten them a bit. Also, who doesn’t want smooth soft skin!!!! 🙂

    Ps. Love your blog!!

  15. I would love to try the green tea sponge since it can reduce inflammation, a problem that my skin has been having!

  16. Carissa says

    I’ve been meaning to try an exfoliating/cleansing sponge and the Japanese Conjac Sponge sounds like a great choice to start with. I purchased a Clarisonic years ago and was wowed by it at first but then it gradually started irritating my sensitive skin. Now, I can use it only once in a while. So for regular use I’ve been stuck with a few natural exfoliators I’ve found from brands such as Michael Todd True Organics & Wei. I think it’s time for a new and better discovery and the Pure White sponge would be fun to try!

  17. I’d be fine with either of the three, I don’t see much difference between them aside from color/scent.


  18. Marivic says

    My face really need all 3 kinds but I’ll settle for pure white. Blackheads sucks!!!

  19. Anusha says

    I am dying to try this gem.they look and sound like a great way to cleanse yourself…heard nothing but rave reviews.My skin looks very rough and dull now a days so I think Cherry blossom would be great for me.Thanks a million for another fab giveaway..fingers crossed

  20. Anusha says

    Hi thank you for allowing me to enter for my sister. You are amazing.She is so excited about this.Green sponge for her please.

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