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What’s In My Bag? | New York, New York 2014

Over the weekend I had a short getaway to the city that never sleeps. I literally feel like I didn’t. I’m a zombie right now. Anyways, instead of showcasing you what I brought with me, I want to show you what I brought back with me from NYC.

I got the inspiration to visit the Bite Beauty Lab in SoHo from Katie ofย The Green Product Junkie. I told myself that I needed to do that and I’m so so happy that I did. I would probably label this the purchase the most fun I’ve had shopping for green beauty products. I got my perfect natural nude and a deeply moisturizing lip treatment.

Bite Beauty Custom Lipstick | $36

Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask | $26

What do you think of my purchase? Have you used Bite Beauty lipsticks yet?



  1. So cool! I want to hear more about your visit! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m still dying to go to the Bite Beauty Lab, definitely need to make a trip soon.

    • Thanks Kasey! Yes, this should definitely be on your to-do list on your next visit to the city. It was so neat! Word of advice – go on a weekday and/or arrive to the store just when they open. It can take anywhere from 20-60 mins and the waitlist can get lengthy.

  2. Lucky you! I’d love to see the color (selfie?!). I can’t believe I live so close to the lab and have not gone yet. It does sound amazing. I could spend HOURS there (do they have a bouncer ;-)?

  3. Almost bought the Agave lip mask the other day! Love those Bite colors, I can’t get enough! My little collection is growing, I’m preparing a short review, soon… Nice work Brenda! Hugs xoxo

    • Can’t wait to read your review! So far the lip mask is A M A Z I N G ! So hydrating and nourishing. You should definitely purchase it when you run out of lip balm.

    • Thank you Tianna! So far the lipstick I created has really great coverage. I believe BITE Beauty is sold at Sephora now. Very exciting for cleaner makeup!

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