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May Lindstrom | The Blue Cocoon

If there’s anything that you should keep in your beauty arsenal it’s a good balm. According to Merriam-Webster, a balm is an oily substance with a pleasant smell and that is used for healing, soothing, or protecting the skin. I generally see balms associated with lips in mainstream markets. However, a balm can and should be used on every place where your skin is suffering from dryness.

As I was expecting for this past winter to do a number on my skin, I decided to get a balm that would help my skin from flaking. Eco-skin chef, May Lindstrom, had just released a balm in her line that was certainly a blue enchantress. Luckily, Epic Beauty Bar was having a nice sale and I found my moment to save some money on this pricey item.

$160 per pot (1.6 oz / 50 mL)


As most of you may know I’m a sucker for clean black packaging. The violet glass pot with gold lettering brings on quite the polished look. I especially loved seeing May’s signature whimsical dandelion silhouette  on the lid.  The small size makes this very portable with the circumference less than the width of the palm of my hand. Great if you love traveling like me! The fragrance was completely unique compared to all my other natural skincare products. I couldn’t figure out at first but then one day it dawned on me – Andes mint chocolates. I kid you not. Not any mint chocolates but the Andes brand. Yes, those mints you get by the handful at Olive Garden. So delish. I did find it quite therapeutic when I use it at night. I feet like my sleeps are deeper and a little less disturbed. But that’s just me.

It’s moisturizing properties are phenomenal. This solid balm melts easily with the touch of your warm fingers and absorbs into your skin. Personally, I like to rub my [clean] fingers on the balm and massage it into areas that needs the added moisture. You can also scrape a small piece out with your fingers or a small cosmetic scooper.

The ingredients are a mixture of beautifully unique oils, some I have never heard of before. It contains two well known butters – shea and cacao.  The rest are oils. Very exotic but reputable oils that are beauty staples in other parts of the world. The ingredients listed below were some of the oils (and extract) that I’ve either vaguely heard of or didn’t know anything about.

    • Yangu oil – deep nourishing properties with fatty acids and antioxidants. All natural UV protectant
    • Baobab oil – contains vitamins A, D, and E. Can help improve skin’s elasticity and encourages cell regeneration
    • Blue Tansy oil – soothing and calming effects on mind as well as skin. Contains anti-histemic and anti-inflammatory properties (great for reactive skin)
    • Myrrh oil – powerful antioxidant, therapeutic properties, used in medicine practices for centuries
    • Immortelle oil – great healing agent for damaged skin. High in antioxidants, assists in cell regeneration, and antibacterial
    • Ravensara aromatic oil – essential oil originating from Madagascar. Used as an anti-bacterial, antiviral, and antiseptic
    • Magnolia vine berry fruit extract – well known in traditional Chinese medicinal practices to help bring calmness to the mind and body



There was a short scare when I was first using it with break outs on my forehead a couple weeks in. I was becoming quite upset with thoughts on how I spent so much money on a balm that wasn’t reacting well with my skin. I decided to just continue using the balm for another week and see if the breakouts persisted but thankfully they didn’t. Perhaps it was just a bad reaction to something else? Who knows. But now I run to this to heal my skin. A couple snowboarding trips this winter did a number on my face and I sought the help of this balm to bring it back to normal. Within a few days use it was as if nothing had happened.

The outstanding performance of this balm undoubtedly comes from the high quality ingredients that May carefully selected. The price, unfortunately, reflects the same. This definitely is the most expensive item in my medicine cabinet. And while I would like to encourage you all to purchase it and experience this calming azul yourself, I won’t be repurchasing this unless I get a bigger paycheck. There are just too many other balms out there that can perform just as well for a fraction of the cost. So for the year or so that i’ll be having this I’ll make sure to savor every day with it.

Have you tried The Blue Cocoon or any other May Lindstrom products?


  1. The price tag has definitely separated me from this luscious blue balm. Love your review of it. Those oils are fabulous! Are you mainly using it as a moisturizer? Does it work as a cleanser too?

  2. Kirs says

    I’m so glad to read your review. I bought this and cleansing mud at the same time. I broke out sooooo badly all over my face after using these two, almost by the 2nd use. And it kept going on for 2 weeks so I had to quit. Maybe I will revisit now and see if it still happens as I currently have over $200 laying in waste.

    • That’s such a bummer, Kirs! Have you given either product a second chance yet? May Lindstrom products have great clean ingredients but they do seem quite heavy and so it keeps me from really wanting to purchase anything else. I’m not sure that the 2 week breakout I had was just a fluke or because of the balm but I’m glad I gave it another shot. I haven’t had any breakouts since using it again.

  3. Michelle H says

    Keep using the balm only at night, wash with the mud every other day…I use an oil cleanser on the off nights. Don’t give up, I have facial eczema and adult acne that is so big and painful. THIS has been the only thing that has helped. Seriously, I’ve used over the counter, La Mer, Sisley, Dr. Whatever and I fell for this right away. Yes I had breakouts but….and I seriously mean but…with all natural skincare your skin needs to adjust. I will NEVER spend my money on chemical crap again, I would rather have a few bad breakouts in the beginning and have clean, happy skin after.

    • Nice advice for Kirs, Michelle. Switching to green skincare has changed my life (hence the blog) and I’m glad that you’ve found me in the blogsphere. I hope to inspire other women that this is a great path to follow.

  4. There are so many products from the May Lindstrom line that I really want to try, but I’ll pick carefully. I’ve heard a few people have reacted badly to some of her products and I think it’s because there are a lot of rich ingredients in there. But I definitely need to try something! May Lindstrom products are so luxurious yet beautifully natural I need to at least experiment 🙂 Have you tried anything else from her line? x

    • I haven’t tried anything else…yet. Haha. I’ve read the same bad reviews and it has honestly kept me a little wary at purchasing anything else at the moment. But I definitely will try other products from the line in the future. Have you tried anything yet?

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