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Skincare Ritual | Winter 2013

Wow. Is it April already?! This past winter San Diego didn’t have much of a cold season. Due to last winter being so unbearably cold on some days I was preparing myself for another cold snap. However, it was pretty mild with temperatures averaging around 73°F during the day and 55°F in the evening. They don’t call it Sunny San Diego for no reason! So this time around I didn’t have to rely on heavy creams to keep my face supple. Here’s a roundup the products that have kept my face glowing through a typical Southern California winter.



1. Cleanse with Sodashi Clay Cleanser with Lime | 2. Moisturize with Odacite Beautiful Day Moisturizer | 3. Boost skin with Saya Rooibos + Aloe Face Serum | 4. Protect with a mix of Suntegrity BB Cream + Coola Tinted Mineral Sunscreen

To sort of wake myself and my skin up I splash water on my face and then proceed to the rest of my routine. During the winter, a thicker cleanser is ideal in order to keep your face from completely drying out. And rain or shine, sun protection is always a must! Suntegrity is quite thick and on the oilier side. The mixture of the two sunscreens gives me the perfect balanced looking skin.



1. Cleanse with Sodashi Clay Cleanser with Lime | 2. Moisturize with Odacite Beautiful Day Moisturizer | 3. Treat breakouts with Yüli Cell Perfecto PM | 4. Lock in moisture with May Lindstrom The Blue Coccoon (when needed)

Sodashi is my 2-in-1 step for makeup removing and cleansing. However, if you are a regular makeup wearer then I wouldn’t suggest this particular product to completely remove it all. Now these days I only apply the Yüli serum as a spot treatment. If you don’t know my obsession with this treatment oil then please refer to my other reviews here and here. The Blue Cocoon has been a godsend as a spot treatment for dry areas. I haven’t had to use it too much due to the mild winter. It definitely came in handy on a couple snowboard trips to the mountains!

I’ve really enjoyed using these products. They have all done a wonderful job at keeping my face feeling balanced. With most of these products nearing empty and/or expiration, it’s time to be on the hunt for new replacements. Without a doubt, these products are repurchase worthy but my shopper instincts tell me it’s time to try something new. Ha! I don’t usually have a toner in my routine but I think I’ll change things up a bit with this new season. Be on the lookout for my new skincare ritual in a few months!


  1. Loved reading about your daily skincare ritual! Now I really want to try the Odacite moisturizer as per your suggestion 🙂 Also must be really great if you use it day and night! Where do you usually purchase it?

    • Thank you, Kasey! I bought it through Embody Boutique’s online store. They had a sale back in December and so I was able to save a bit of money through that. I try to keep my routine as simple as possible because I’m a firm believer in consistency when it comes to skincare.

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