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Yarok | Feed Your Ends

Making the switch to cleaner hair products has been a bit of a humdrum experience for me. I like my hair care routine to be simple – shampoo, condition, and heat protect when necessary. I’m so used to those chemical laden conditioners sticking to my hairs and making them so silky smooth. The dry, straw feeling of the ends of my hair was starting to get to me. So I decided to invest in a leave-in conditioner.  Although I had a rather disastrous experience with another Yarok product, I didn’t allow that to shy me away from others in the line. After seeing a rather huge following for this spray conditioner I decided to jump on the bandwagon.

$19.95 (4 oz)


I really like the fact that this bottle comes in 3 sizes at 2, 4, and 8 ounces. So you can purchase the smallest size for trialing but it’s not exactly cheap at $13.20. The bottle is made of up of recyclable plastic with the most eco-friendly waterproof paper on the market. What caught my attention the most was it’s heat protectant and styling properties. The smell is light with a hint of citrus. The formulation is quite light as well.

It’s made up of nothing more than some vitamin water, several different oils, plant sourced preservatives, and a couple of essential oils for fragrance. The second most abundant ingredient, jojoba oil, is quite unique. It has a similar molecular structure to sebum, that oil naturally produced in our scalp. It helps to strengthen the hair shaft, add softness, shine, and has high moisturizing properties which are beneficial to your scalp too. Olive and evening primrose oils also have great moisturizing properties. They helps to add shine, tame the frizzies, and soften hair. Many, if not all, of the oils have high boiling points and that’s where the heat protection comes from. The strong citrus scent comes from the may chang essential oil but it’s slightly softened by the rosemary essential oil.


I’ve been using this more for the conditioning properties than heat protection. I generally use this just after a shower by spritzing on the ends. I’ll brush my hair all over to make sure that it gets distributed. When I wake up in the morning my hair looks and feels gorgeously full, soft, and brilliant. It does a great job of detangling and moisturizing my hair. The heat protection seems pretty legit. I haven’t had any issues while curling my hair for a night out with the girls. Of course, I would still be extremely cautious when curling, flat ironing, or blow drying. It lasts for quite a while too! I purchased this in the middle of 2013 and it’s good to use through 2015. So far this is the one product that has maintained my faith in Yarok. I would definitely repurchase this and would love to try some of their other products. Have you used this leave-in conditioner? What do you think of it?


    • Thank you! I don’t find it greasy at all but then again my hair craves lots of moisture. I make sure that it gets distributed through most of my hair, concentrating on the ends. I try not to spritz any on the top of my head to avoid any greasiness.

  1. Loved reading your review! I tried this product but maybe it’s because I’m not great with hair stuff, it made my hair feel a bit gummy/tacky whenever I used it. Did you get that at all? Love the way it smells though. I’m going to try it out again and using it right out of the shower like you described sounds like a good idea! 🙂

    • Thank you, Kasey! I can understand when you get the tacky feeling. I sort of felt it when I used it as a heat protectant but my hair is very dry and straw-like so it needs lots of moisture. If you use it after a shower then you shouldn’t feel the tackiness once it dries. At least I never did. Also, make sure you shake it up before spraying all over.

  2. I love this too! And I also have the Yarok shampoo and I can only use it every once in awhile because it’s so so horribly drying to my scalp!

  3. I agree with you about conditioner, there’s few feelings as bad as dry, straw like hair, and chemical conditioners are so good at making it soft! I constantly hear amazing things about Yarok, and this appeals to me more than any other of their products 🙂 x

    • Thank you for reading, Chesca! Have you had the chance to try the products yet? The shampoo and conditioner were a big disappointment but this spray conditioner redeemed it for me.

  4. Great review!
    I’m actually considering on buying this. I currently use Argan Oil, which is amazing on my hair by controlling frizz and making it more shiny. It can also be used as a heat protectant. When I run out, I might try the Yarok one (:

    • Thank you, Sophia! One of the main reasons I bought this is because of the heat protectant properties. Have you tried this yet? Please keep me updated on how it works for you, please!

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