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Skincare Ritual | Problematic Skin

I’m in my late 20’s (Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I’m admitting to that) but still breakout as if I’m in my teens. I’ve come to terms with this dilemma several years ago but it doesn’t mean I just sit there and let myself go. My breakouts are hormonal these days and I feel that’s better than breaking out at random times for random reasons. So what do I do when I get those monthly breakouts? I’ve learned over time that the simpler my skincare ritual, the better. The following is my skincare ritual day in/day out until my skin is back to normal.


Step 1 | Wash face with raw manuka honey

Step 2 | Moisturize with organic coconut oil

Step 3 | Apply Cell Perfecto PM

Manuka honey has wonderful healing properties. It’s anti-bacterial and a natural humectant. Coconut oil has antioxidant properties, deeply moisturizes, and assists in healing. Both items can be purchased at any health food store. I purchased my honey from here but I’m sure other online outlets like Amazon sell some at more reasonable prices. The coconut oil comes straight from the motherland, the Philippines, from a cousin who pressed it herself (pretty cool, huh?!).

Step 3 is optional for me. I mainly use it to help my pimples heal without leaving scars. You can use Cell Perfecto PM all over your face or as a spot treatment. Many have had success just using it as a spot treatment but I massage it all over my face. Read thorough review about it here.

What are some of your skincare rituals for a bad breakout?


    • Thank you thank you! I use enough coconut oil to hydrate my face without looking greasy. Since my face leans more towards the dry side, my skin just drinks it all up. The skincare routine that I follow doesn’t have toners as a step and it’s made no difference in my skin. And I use a clay-based mask once a week but no more than that when I’m on a bad breakout. Check out Yuli’s Pure Treatment Mask – fabulous stuff!

  1. What a simple ritual! I’m still very skeptical to even try coconut oil on my face – does it not feel too oily? The Cell Perfecto PM is high on my wishlist now after reading raves for acne/scars, but the price isn’t pocket-friendly (and considering I splurged on May Lindstrom last holiday). I suffer mainly from hormonal breakouts too and they’re such a PAIN.

    • Thank you, Ru-Chan! You don’t need to put alot of coconut oil on your face. I get a tiny amount, rub my hands together, and start patting/rubbing into my skin. And if you feel like you’ve applied too much then some blotting sheets will take care of that for you. I agree, the price of the cell perfecto serum isn’t pocket friendly. There is more affordable alternative. I’ve heard positive reviews of Osmia’s Spot Treatment. Check that one out!

      • I’m currently using the Osmia spot treatment and it does work for regular/small zits, but I’ve still yet to find something that really stops those hormonal zits in their tracks. Do you know if I can get a sample of cell perfecto anywhere?

  2. Great post ! I agree the more simple your skin ritual is the better as it helps the skin heal . I use coconut oil or honey to clean my face and Argan oil as a night treatment . It has been amazing in balance my skin oils and treating my ace prone skin . 🙂

    • I’m happy to read that a simple, natural skincare routine is working fabulously for you! I agree, using argan and coconut oils have done a wonderful job in balancing my skin oils too.

  3. Love this post! I agree. Sometimes my face is a ticking time bomb and if I do anything complicated other than cleansing with honey and applying the most simplest facial oil, it goes BOOM! And this reminds me I need to try out Cell Perfecto PM soon! 🙂

    • Thank you, Marcy! I wish I had the strength to do this routine everyday but I’m too tempted by all the wonderful eco-friendly products out there. That’s why I always have this to fall back on. Let me know how the serum works for you when you start using it!

  4. I have recently discovered Francincense oil! It really stops breakouts dead in their tracks. Give it a try! xx

  5. Loved reading about your simple skincare routine! Sounds super effective and refreshing 🙂 I still really want to try out the Cell Perfecto PM! And I need to get my hands on some Manuka Honey…

    • Thank you, Kasey! Pleas let me know how the serum works for you when you get to it. Manuka honey is straight awesome and effective. But make sure you get Manuka 12+ or higher. I’ve read that it’s most effective when the UMF is 12+ or higher.

  6. I agree with you, I think the simpler the skin care routine the happier your skin will be. I love the fact the only product here is the cell perfecto. I haven’t actually tried manuka honey yet to cleanse, but I constantly hear such good things about it I think it’s time I gave it a go! x

    • Thank you, Chesca! Manuka honey is such a great addition to your medicine cabinet. I use it anywhere from the bathroom to the kitchen. It’s a staple for me. You’ll love it!

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  8. Lydia says

    Hello, just a thought but coconut oil has bigger molecules than most other plant oils and can cause congestion really easily (it’s highly comedonic) so if you break out easily please make sure it is not that oil. (There are other plant oils much better suited to breakout prone skin). Also, especially if you wear spf or make up, the manuka honey might not get rid of it all; again causing congestions. There are really lovely cleansers out there, like kahina, yuli, ren that wash off. Have you tried these? Greenderm wrote a great post about it recently. Also, cell perfecto is not for active breakouts, it’s more of a scar treatment.

    • Hi Lydia! Thank you for all of those tips! I guess I should be less vague or assuming. I didn’t mean to do that. I’m hoping that my readers take away with the message that “less is more”. And I by no means want anyone to think that this is THEE regimen that they should follow. But to answer all your points…

      Absolutely – makeup should be removed with a proper remover before using honey. I guess I was making assumptions that everyone is starting with a makeup-free face. I also didn’t know that coconut oil is highly comedongenic. I usually don’t have to use it for more than 5-7 days and my breakouts haven’t gotten worse with the oil. But I hope that my readers assume that if coconut oil doesn’t work great for their face then they should use one that works great for them (shea butter, avocado oil, olive oil, etc). And you’re right, Cell Perfecto is perfect for existing breakouts and scars. Like I said in my post, it’s great to use as a spot treatment to prevent scarring. At this point in my life I’ve accepted the fact that I still break out from time to time and I don’t stress over them any longer. As long as there’s no scar after the breakout then I’m perfectly happy with using an oil that helps prevent them.

      I’m actually trying out Yuli’s Halcyon cleanser and am eager to post a review on it in the near future. So I’ll definitely keep you posted on that. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and give those wonderful tips! 😀

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