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Quarterly Co. | #NDL08 featuring Ecotools, 100% Pure, and Esme

As I was impatiently waiting for the #NDL09 package to arrive this month, I realized that I had not done my review for the last box. Eek, my bad! There were two reasons why I was lagging on my reviews: (1) I had become extremely busy towards the end of 2013 with some personal matters and (2) I wasn’t very impressed with the items in this box.

$25 per box


This quarter’s theme? Eyebrows. Those lovely bushes of hair just above your eyes and one of my favorite features on a face. If groomed correctly, eyebrows are suppose to help frame your eyes. My brows aren’t too bad. They’re dark, a bit bushy, and a medium thickness but are slowly thinning as the years pass. No doubt I’ll need to tattoo them when I’m old! In order to preserve my brows, I do like to enhance them with my current brow gel. What do you think of this quarter’s items?

DSC_0147Esme Minerals Snowflake Eyeshadow
“A simple white shadow is a good thing to have around because you can do so damn much with it! This totally nontoxic formula from the adorable Etsy brand Esme can be used to highlight your brow bones (that bone below your eyebrow and above  your lid – on the outside of your eye).”

Ingredents: Mica, Titanium dioxide

Now, my eyeshadow collection doesn’t extend much past an UD Naked palette. I simply don’t wear eyeshadow unless it’s a special occasion or a night out with the girlfriends. I did, for all intents and purposes, try this out and I liked it. I find it to be functional to use for all areas of the eye – lid, inner corner, and brow bone. Though white, this gives has a subtle shimmer that reflects beautifully in the light. The staying power is no less than any other mineral shadow so reapplication might be necessary but a little goes a long way. Wanna purchase it? Check it out here.

DSC_0150100% Pure Eyebrow Powder Gel 
“It’s a brow gel in neutral taupe, which works on blondes and grays with one coat, and on brunettes if you layer it on with your brow brush, then get ride of the excess with the comb side of your brush. Even better, though: you can use it on your eyelids or as a liner, too.”

Ingredients: Rice powder, Cacao, Apricot, Peach, Coffee, Tomato & black tea, lavender flower powder, avocado butter, jojoba oil, rosehip oil, beeswaxs, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin C

This product was the biggest downer for me. Universal doesn’t always mean it’s good for everybody because this color definitely did not match well with me. It took several swipes with an eyebrow brush to get some product onto it. I tried to rub some onto my finger to feel it’s consistency and it’s very hard packed and dry. It dries just like a powder which I wasn’t too fond of. I like gel consistency for a more natural look. Even though they have this in brunette which is aimed for darker hair, I’m pretty sure I won’t buy this. 

DSC_0154Eco-Tools Lash and Brow Duo & Flat Eyeliner Brush
“We are obsessed with these simple bamboo and recycled aluminum makeup brushes. They’re to the point, they work, and we don’t have much more to say about that!”

Made with bamboo, recycled aluminum, and synthetic bristles

In my opinion, these were the best items. They work just as described. The comb is a nice tool to have when I need help with separating my mascara-laden lashes. The synthetic bristles of the other half of the duo is a bit on the stiff side but it works just as well. The eyeliner brush has softer bristles and does a nice job of applying a soft eyeliner to eyelids. I do, however, wish that the bristles were a little more tightly packed but that’s just my personal preference.

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