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TwoTreeHouse | Mini Lip Balm

My last full day in Melbourne was spent fervently shopping all over that city. I had a few more souvenirs to purchase and I wasn’t leaving until I covered everyone. The first shopping area we hit was the Sunday Market at the Art Centre. As we walked by each stall, we passed by a beautiful young lady that had the cutest handmade and natural skincare products. Nicely displayed in individually handwrapped fabrics were matchboxes filled with 3 mini lip balms. I simply couldn’t resist.

$15 AUD


How could you not fall in love with that?! I went to several markets while in Australia with stalls claiming to have natural products. When I glanced over the ingredients list, it was a whole other story. But not for Two Tree House. The ingredients were simple and included many of my favorites – coconut oil, honey, and jojoba oil  – which all have worked wonderfully for me.

Each matchbox includes 3 mini balms with individual flavors – tangerine, strawberry, and mint. The matchboxes are displayed and wrapped in a variety of fabrics so you can find one that fits your style. I really like that and think it adds to the charm of these boxes. As you can see, I found one that I particularly liked but as pictured below there are all different kinds of patterns to choose from. Each flavor also has a corresponding scent. The scents are all soft and not overpowering when applied on the lips.


DSC_0730Ingredients: beeswax, coconut oil, honey, evening primrose oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, vitamin e, essential oil/flavour oil, mica (natural colour)

The true test for me is how my lips react to any lip product. Many years ago I developed a weird allergic reaction on my lips. It began with Carmex and soon spread to other types of chapsticks. I couldn’t use just any old thing. My lips tell me within days if I can use that product or not. And there have been several instances where lip balms from well-known brands  were rejected by my body. So if there is no reaction on my lips then the balm is good in my book. This is one of the good onesThe balms are very moisturizing and last me quite a while. I’m truly enjoying these fun sized goodies! However, this is where my true self comes out – I’ve already lost one of them! I actually haven’t completely lost it. It just rolled into the abyss that is my closet and I’ll have to move lots of shoes to find it.


If you’re truly interested in TwoTreeHouse please check out the website here. Mayni also hand makes body scrubs, beeswax candles, and body lotion. There are several stockists around Australia that I’m sure some of my Aussie readers might be able to shop at. Unfortuntely, it looks as though she doesn’t ship to the USA. Perhaps, I’ll just make a trip back to Australia soon? Oh, to dream! So if you’re ever in Melbourne, Southbank to be exact, and passing by the Art Centre on a Sunday be sure to stop by and say hello to Mayni!



  1. Love this review! The lip balms are so cute and even the hand creams look alright 🙂

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