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Yarok | Feed Your Volume

Discovering new and different eco-conscious brands is always fun for me. I try to do as much research and review-reading as possible before making a purchase. So when I found out about Yarok, created by beauty editor/hairstylist Mordechai Alvow, I put this shampoo on my must-have list. Meaning “green” in hebrew, this shampoo meets all vegan requirements. The whole entire line is free of alcohol/sulfates/parabens and cruelty free. The packaging is made of recyclable plastic with the the most environmentally-friendly waterproof paper on the market (80%0 non-GMO corn). I’ve read nothing but positive reviews about Yarok and was so eager to try it. An all-natural shampoo that promises to fortify and volumize your hair? Who wouldn’t want that?!

$30 per bottle (8.5 fl oz)


In the beginning, I thought this shampoo worked really nicely. It definitely gave me a squeeky clean feel without stripping my hair. I could go more than two days without shampooing and not look like a greaseball. I absolutely love the amount of lather that it produces. For a natural shampoo, this is definitely a plus. The ingredients list is very impressive as well – simple and easy to understand. Did my hair feel fortified and stronger? Not particularly. Did it give me volume? Absolutely. DSC_0004-001

Ingredients: purified water, decyl glucose, lauryl glucose, coco protein, seaweed extract, herbal infusions (coltsfoot*, marshmallow root*, calendula blossoms*, chamomile flowers, chickweed, horsetail, slippery elm, comfrey root, sea buckthorn co2, nettles, oatstraw), wildcrafted essential oils ( lavender*, atlas cedar*, red mandarin*, sweet orange*, rosemary* ), grapefruit seed extract.
*certified organic

However, as I was using it 2-3 times each week, I noticed my head started to become itchy. And then really itchy on days I’d skip shampooing. And then came the dandruff. At this point, I was not a happy camper but was determined to fix this issue. So I started using it more as a ‘clarifying’ shampoo and use it only once a week. That changed nothing. After weeks, probably a couple months, of torturing myself with this I made the decision to purchase a different shampoo. Scratching my head like a dog with fleas was extremely unpleasant and made me really self conscious.

I wanted to love this shampoo like others have. I really did. Why or how I experienced something completely opposite from the rave reviews? I’ll never know. Perhaps I’m my scalp wasn’t agreeing with a specific ingredient. Would I still recommend this to someone? Sure, why not. I don’t want my poor experience to deter you from trying a product that could work wonderfully for you. Moving this from the ‘must have’ to the ‘never buy again’ list does break my heart a little. It’s ok though, it’ll mend.

Have you had experiences like mine or similar? Let me know below so I don’t feel like the only person in this world who is posting a bad review.


  1. Thanks for posting your experience, I really find it helpful to hear about products that don’t work well in addition to just the good ones. Too bad this didn’t work though – dandruff?! Ugh! Really doesn’t sound good

    • Thank you Catherine! I really wanted to love this as much as others but I guess it wasn’t meant to be. Oh well, I have found a great alternative and am happy with it though. I’m trying to finish out the product so I don’t feel like I’ve wasted my money but it’s getting hard to do that when the very next day, after using it, I’ll get the itchy, irritated scalp again.

  2. Oh shoot! 😦 I know how it feels when a product that works for everybody doesn’t work for you. Been there! What shampoo do you use now? For volumizing, I have actually been loving the affordable Dessert Essence one. I tried Acure but it did nothing for me.


    • I’m currently using 100% Pure Burdock & Neem Healthy Scalp Shampoo. I absolutely LOVE it. I’ve used Acure’s Argan Shampoo but find it a bit too moisturizing, basically too oily, for me. I’ll have to give Desert Essence a look on my next grocery store visit. Thanks for the recommendation!

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