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Quarterly Co. | #NDL07 featuring Czech Glass, RGB, and Priti NYC

It’s here! It’s here! I received my first mail subscription order and am beyond excited! Several months ago my friend Smaekup told me about Quarterly Co. Just like Birchbox (and Goodebox and all-the-other-boxes), its a mail subscription received every 3 months (hence the name) filled with deluxe-sample to full-sized goodies. But unlike those other subscription companies, Quarterly is actually comprised of several different types of contributors ranging from design to culinary to health/beauty (and more!). So when I was informed that Siobahn O’ Connor and Alexandra Sprunt from No More Dirty Looks were contributors I signed up immediately.

$25 / month
pic 006

As you can see, this box came with goodies to cover you in the nail department complete with a glass nail file, a nail polish, and polish remover. However, I’m not a nail person. So testing these products out took some time…basically when I felt like I had the time to do a manicure (post about ‘organic manicure’ coming soon!). But I did find the time (about a month later) and here are my thoughts on each product…

pic 013Badass Glass Nail File from Czech Glass
“Glass files are more precise for shaping and way less harsh than emery or steel on your nails. Even better, because they’re non-porous and easy to clean, they’re more hygienic. You can also use the end to push back your cuticles, and if you’re ginger with it, you can exfoliate your cuticles, too. Finally, and this is always important to us: They last forever.”

Now, if you’ve ever seen my nails then you know that I only do two things to them – clip and file (when necessary). So finding out that nail files come in glass was a complete surprise. I was really impressed with the look with the file area being frosted and the color scheme reminding me of a beautiful beach sunset. Since this was my first encounter, I had no idea how to really file my nail with it. I immediately assumed it was like any other file and I could go back and forth with it. No, not the case with this one unless you like the feeling of nails on a chalkboard. I learned very quickly that you must file in one direction – backwards. But this thing worked like a charm and my nails feel less delicate afterwards. When I file with an emery board, my nails always feel like they’ve been roughed up with that harsh sand paper. Overall, I loved it and now get joy out of filing my nail with this gem. The only downer is that it needs to be handled with care since it’s glass. So far I’ve dropped it once (with no repercussions) but it’ll only be time before I shatter it into several little glass pieces.

pic 017RGB Nail Lacquer in Coral
“This brand is a five-free¹ favorite of ours: It dries with a high shine, lasts longer than a lot of three- and five-free lines out there, and it doesn’t wash off in the shower”

pic 023

Now that you know the extent of my nail care, painting them is pretty much done only for special occasions. However, for purposes of this blog, I made the exception. When I get a manicure, and try to be daring with the color choice,  red usually isn’t my first pick. But I was all too pleased to have this in my box compared to the other colors². I really like the color and find it perfect for the spring/summer season with its orangey undertone. As described above, it does dry rather fast which I learned a little too late because I’m so used to the toxic polish. Applying either a) two quick coats or b) one thick, steady coat will be sufficient. And if you’re unskilled like me then you’ll probably like this product for its finish. Not only does it dry fast but shiny too!

¹Free of formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, formaldehyde resin, and camphor
²Too Red (bright blueish red), Punch (blushy nude), and Pink (bubblegum)

Soy Nail Polish Remover from Priti NYC pic 022
It’s helpful to have these in your bag, and it’s also helpful to know they’re not going to destroy your nails (or your brain cells) with super harsh volatile organic compounds. These nontoxic wipes also smell nice, which is more than we can say about most nail polish removers. Best of all, they don’t leave your nails parched and ready to crack.”

These aren’t the first polish remover wipes that I’ve used. So with that said, the only other product I can compare this to is Josie Maran’s Bear Naked Nail Wipes. The packaging comes with 10 individually packaged polish remover wipes in a reusable muslin bag. Now, the fact that each wipe is individually packaged does seem a bit wasteful to me but it does make perfect sense to do so in order to preserve freshness and ensure effectiveness of every wipe. With my quick test of the RGB polish, I tried out the wipe and it worked wonderfully. Due to its natural ingredients, I did have to rub off a little harder than the Bear Naked wipes. However, I was able to use the one wipe for both hands. The natural oils of the wipe left my nails feeling moisturized and not greasy which was a pleasant feeling. Overall, would I go out of my way to find these wipes and pay $9.99? Probably not since I don’t polish my nails much but its portability is a plus. If you’re a nail junkie/artist and add all sorts of crazy things to your nails then I’m not sure how this will hold up to that. For removing simple nail polish, it did its job.

Who’s ready for a mani?!


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