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Tata Harper | Repairative Moisturizer

I think I have a female crush and she goes by the name of Tata Harper (if you ever read this Tata, I mean that in the most straight way possible). But seriously, I really admire the woman for the skincare line she created. I don’t mind spending money on expensive products if they’re effective. Well, as you can tell, I definitely dropped the dough for this one. I’ve never spent so much on a face moisturizer but after using up my sample (from Spirit Beauty Lounge – 3 free samples with every order!) I just had to have it.

$100 for 1.7 fl oz

pic 051

Whenever I see people absolutely rave over a brand or specific product I immediately want to try it and see what the hype is all about. However, more often than not, I’ll end up having indifferent feelings about the product. Like, sure its great but I feel like there’s still something better out there. In the case of this moisturizer, I feel like I’ve met my face lotion for life. Seriously!

When I started with the sample size, I saw immediate results after the first night of use. I woke up that morning with luminous skin. No joke! I’ve never had results like that before and I was so awestruck from it that I couldn’t stop looking at my face in the mirror. I really stretched out the sample by using it only at night and so it lasted me about a week. Once that week was done, I switched back to my old moisturizer but couldn’t take the withdrawal. A few days later I purchased the full size bottle.

pic 048-002

As usual it arrived in Tata’s signature green sustainable packaging. I love some of the detail on the box (seen above on the inner flap). The frosted green glass bottle and gold pump top make this line look and feel ultra luxurious like $100 well spent. I purchased the one created for dry/mature skin types and even though I am combination it doesn’t affect my oily T-zone. As directed, I use one pump each morning and night, always waking up and faring the day with luminous skin (I may get a little oily during the day but nothing excessive).  This is absolutely perfect for summer as the texture is light and silky but come fall/winter you may need a cream to lock in the moisture.

pic 049

I really feel like I’ll be sticking to this one for a very long time unless something changes – either me or the formulation. But until it stops working wonderfully then I won’t be straying away. I love everything about it with the exception of the price but for the first time in a long time I feel like I’m paying for something worth every penny. If you don’t know about her or the brand then get yourself acquainted here. A supernatural skincare line boasting  ingredients straight from her farm in Vermont, this is probably one of the most effective and promise-keeping skincare lines I’ve used to date.

What are you feelings on Tata Harper skincare? 


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  3. I actually tried the Rebuilding moisturizer today and seriously digging it. I’ve had the sample since forever but scared that it will clog my pores due to other reviews. I’m glad I got braver and jumped on it. SO GOOD, leaves my face matte and silky smooth. Are you still able to use this and layer your sunscreen on top of it?

    • I’m glad it works for you! Seriously one of my favorite natural face lotions! I use this night and day. It doesn’t clog and works wonderfully for me. Because this is so light weight, I’m able to use this under sunscreen with no problems. Right now I’m using a mix of Suntegrity and Coola.

      • I am already craving for this moisturizer! I just might as well get the full size right away. I agree, it is so lightweight, I was veeeery scared to use it because there are a few reviews that I read they keep saying tata harper products contain so many waxes ect and it was clogging their pores. I experienced that with their regenerating cleanser but not this. So perfect. My skin was so plump as if I just drank a gallon of water! Ahh, my local store finally stocks Coola! But I just ordered in Living Libiations Everbody loves sunshine with zinc. Can’t wait to see how I go 🙂

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