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Australian Scent | Balm of Gilead

One of my biggest dreams is to visit the magical land in the southern hemisphere that is Australia. So when I saw Australian Scent items for sale on, it immediately piqued my interest. Little did I know,the company is actually in the USA, NYC area to be exact, which made me feel oh-so-much better because I try to support American companies when I can. Their story interested me even more…

In 2004, whilst living in Australia, Megan’s husband, Eddie, was diagnosed with Psoriasis (and later Eczema), which severely affected his eyes and neck areas. (Raccoon comes to mind). After realizing the prescribed treatment may cause blindness, they pursued natural alternatives…On a desperate quest to heal his ever worsening condition, Megan formulated what is now known as the Balm of Gilead moisturizer, also the number one seller. Within 2 weeks, this “incurable” condition had disappeared. Their elation sparked a drive that enabled them to create an entire line based on the same principles – products that are not diluted with water, not whipped to volumize, entirely free of chemicals and as a result, powerful and effective.

$42 / jar (3.8 oz)

pic 016

That description alone prompted me to purchase this “miracle” moisturizer. I don’t suffer from eczema but my cheeks, knees, elbows, and heels do require a little more moisture. Can I just say how this has been my relief-in-a-jar?! It does such a wonderful job of giving me the extra moisture needed without an overly greasy feeling. To give you an idea of how moisturizing this product is, the first four ingredients are almond oil, safflower oil, beeswax, and shea butter. It is a soft, solid balm and separation of ingredients may occur, making oils settle at the top. To fix this issue I usually get a small cosmetic spatula and stir it around. I love the sturdy glass packaging and will definitely recycle this when I’m completely done. It comes in three scents – a) lemongrass orange  b) unscented and c) lavender bergamot geranium. Although this is my first Balm of Gilead, I can say with certainty that I love the lemongrass orange scent. It is made to last within 12 months from opening and can be used most places on the body.


I like using this on my cheeks at the end of my skincare routine to lock in moisture from my face lotion and serum.  It just melts into my skin. Since using this I’ve let some friends sample this, all with success. My friend, beauty enthusiast and MUA, Smaekup (follow!) has suffered from eczema mainly around her eye area. It was so gentle and effective that she’s bought her own jar. My goddaughter (2 years old) also suffers from dry, rough skin. When she came to visit me (with parents), I let her use it and my girl friend commented on how  that was the first time in a while that Jaelynn hasn’t complained about her skin feeling itchy. Can I talk this product up anymore? I think not.

So if you’re in the NYC area then stop by the Brooklyn Flea Market where you can try and buy their other products!


  1. You take very nice photos 🙂 I’m jealous! hahaha

    Anyway, this looks like a lovely product. Like your friend, I suffer from (seasonal) eczema around my eyes. My eyelids would flake and swell when exposed to certain ingredients.

    • Thank you so much, Vivi! I try to take decent pictures to make my blog look nice. =P I think you should definitely try the balm out. Perhaps they have samples you can try? I only know that they sell it in 2 sizes, which I purchased the smaller one but it’s still a bit pricey.

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