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Hiking Adventures | Blue Sky Ecological Reserve

Living in San Diego definitely has it’s perks. You get the big city life on a smaller scale, the weather averages a breezy 75°F year round, and who can forget about the beaches. Many people in this beautiful city are quite active and, next to running, hiking is a very popular activity out here. Once I had conquered the more popular trails (Cowles Mountain, Iron Mountain, Mount Woodson) I searched for a new path to trek.

Low on the list of San Diego’s most popular trails I read up on one in the city of Poway. It looked interesting so I packed the dogs in the 4Runner and headed in that direction. When we arrived it immediately dawned on me that the trail was nestled in between Lake Ramona and Lake Poway to which you can take diverting trails to each lake. The trail had large, shady trees that arched over giving hikers plenty of shade. The flowers and herbs smelled wonderful. There was even a point during my walk that it smelled like the greens I put in my Pho, a traditional Vietnamese dish.


Along the trail you’ll encounter some signage that would point out specific plants or animals. A few critters we met along the way were lizards, birds, a rabbit, and I was forewarned about rattlesnakes (eek!). The trail is rather flat, making it quite easy, but If you divert to either lake along the way then this will definitely turn into an intermediate trail. I ended up taking the path to Lake Ramona and am so glad I did. As we veered to the left towards Lake Ramona the landscaping became desert-like with sandy terrain, low greens, and no trees.

photo (30) - Copy

The last 250 meters before you reach Lake Ramona is the most difficult part. You are greeted with a nearly 20° incline, dubbing it the longest stair climber of my life. However, when you reach the top the view is just simply beautiful. While that lake looks so refreshing after walking that incline don’t be tempted to jump in. No swimming or fishing is allowed. Boo.

photo (28) - Copy

One of the great things about this trails is that many people don’t know about it so it’s often empty. If you’re a trail runner then this will be a nice, short path for you to take. Dogs (leashed) are welcomed as are horses (keep eyes open for droppings!). There is also a small creek that runs alongside and this water source brings many different animals to the area. So if you’re ever in the San Diego Area, want a bit of the outdoors but not kill yourself over it then definitely check out Blue Sky Ecological Reserve.

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